Editing service

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English Editing Services are also provided by us at Crimson Japan. Our clientele for this service varies from academic to nonacademic and from individuals to small businesses to big corporate houses. We have 3 service level offerings: Proofreading, Copyediting, and Substantive Editing.

These service levels can be further customized depending on the client requirements.

Areas of Expertise

We offer English editing services for general as well as highly specialized business documents, including clinical trial reports, regulatory documents, user guides, technical reports, manuals, engineering technology documents, design specifications, legal documents, financial statements, international business proposals, conference proceedings, shareholder reports, and more. We also edit academic papers, academic-related documents, and specialized documents such as newsletters, brochures, interviews, news manuscripts, advertising material, and travel guides. Another specialized service offered by us is Book Editing.

Our Editing Team

Our team consisting of over 450 editors has the experience of serving clients from around 89 countries. Our editors have high expertise in their respective subject areas and have superior linguistic skills. They are highly qualified (PhDs and Masters) and have an average editing experience of 19.4 years. Our team has the expertise to edit documents in over 1000 subject areas, including biosciences, medicine, engineering, physics, business, finance, information technology, and humanities. Cutting-edge technology, human expertise, and the spirit of constant innovation have helped us provide our clients with the best possible service quality.