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Translation is more than the replacement of one word in the source language with another in the target language. It is a decision-making process involving a judgement regarding every single word translated, and the best way to translate it.

Morry Sofer-The Translator’s Handbook

Our focus is on empowering our clients with powerful global communication and helping them in conducting business smoothly across geographies. Our highly customized translation services are designed to cater to varied needs of our clients.

We are one of the leading translation service providers for
Japanese ↔ English translation

In addition to the Japanese—English language pair, we support translation for 50 other global languages. The key languages include the following:

  • Traditional Chinese ↔ English
  • Portuguese ↔ English
  • Indian languages ↔ English

Our Service Levels

We have served over 40,000 clients across the globe. We have several service-level offerings, helping our clients to achieve a perfect balance between quality and price depending on their business requirements. For example, high quality is not required for "rough translation of peripheral reference material"; on the other hand, cheap and poor translation is not suitable for manuscripts intended for publication.

Translation only
+ cross-checking against
the original by a
bilingual checker
+ first check to polish English style
+ cross-checking against the original
by a bilingual checker
+ second check to perfect English

Multilingual Translation

We offer Multilingual Translation service for over 50 languages. Under this service, we first translate from the source language to English and then from English to the target language. For example, in case our client requires Arabic to Japanese translation, we first translate from Arabic to English and then from English to Japanese.
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Our Translation Team

To ensure effective and correct communication of information, we consider all possible language nuances during the translation process. All our efforts based on the twin paradigm of human expertise and apt use of cutting-edge technology are driven toward the delivery of high-quality translation.

At Crimson Japan, based on the level of translation accuracy required by a client, we decide the pricing and then allocate a specific dedicated team of experts to handle your project. We are supported by a team of over 650 translators having high technical expertise and strong linguistic capabilities in both the languages. In fact, most of them are either PhD holders or postgraduates from some of the best institutes in the world and have an average translation experience of 10.4 years.

 Japanse translation services, Portuguese translation, Traditional chinese translation

In situations where our team profile does not match our client requirements, we have the capability to bring in more experts onboard immediately.