Quality Assurance

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We at Crimson Japan understand the need to deliver high-quality language services. This can only be achieved through continuous innovation after achieving a perfect blend of human expertise and technology.

Quality Management System

Our quality management system is designed to deliver the highest-quality-level projects. We have inbuilt severe quality checks within all our service offerings, and we ensure that experts having the relevant expertise only work on your assignments. We have well-defined quality management systems for all our services.

EDITING: Editor Quality Management System

  • Quality check before delivery (Twin Editor Model)
  • In-house Quality Assurance Model to ensure company standards are met

TRANSLATION: Translation Quality Management System

  • Appropriate selection of translator based on the subject area
  • Continuous evaluation of quality levels for all translations

TRANSCRIPTION: : Transcription Quality Management System

  • Guaranteed 99% accuracy through a 3-tiered check model
  • Specialized Quality Analysts check every transcript

The Human Expertise

Our team of experts comprises expert linguists having a high level of subject matter expertise. Most of them are either PhD or Masters degree holders from some of the world’s best universities and have a good experience in their respective domain. We have one of the most stringent recruitment processes in the industry assuring us of high-quality human resources. Also, we conduct regular training sessions to improvise the skill set of our teams in accordance with the current market requirements.

Client Redressal

We have a stringent client redress system in place. As part of this system, all client complaints are checked by the Quality Analysts using the concept of root cause analysis. Based on the result of this check, corrective measures are taken.

Client Delight

Our systematic after sales support and stringent quality control process has resulted in an extremely low client complaint rate of 0.45%.

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