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Book translation

Book translation requires a perfect sync between the source text and the translated text. This has to be attained at all possible levels of language, meaning, expression, and structure. An understanding of both the countries’ cultural sensitivities; high level of linguistic expertise in both Japanese and the other language; good subject matter knowledge, prior experience of book translation; correct understanding of author’s thoughts, graphics, and expressions used; and an ability to correctly portray the intended idea are key requisites. Our team of experts has all the above-mentioned qualities.

Our inbuilt processes ensure a high level of consistency and fluency in the translation. At every stage of the translation process, our experts check the content for logical data flow and consistent tone, attitude, and style.

Book on:Study of group dynamics approach in business management

Author:Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan

Book on:Monitoring of circulation dynamics

Author:Asahikawa Medical College, Japan

Book on:Business Administration and Economics

Author:Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Book on:Teaching material for a Master's course

Author:National Museum of Ethnology, Japan

Book on:Business management history

Author:Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Book on:Reproductive biology for students

Author:Tokyo University, Japan

Book on:Thermophiles in Environmental Biotechnology

Author:Kyushu University, Japan

Book on:Theories of biology

Author:National Museum of Ethnology, Japan

Book on:Japanese Perspective on Regional Development Factors

Author:Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Book on:Syllabus for International Relations Department

Author:Asian University, Thailand

Book on:Modern economics

Author:Waseda University, Japan

Book on:Care about foreign domestic workers (focus on Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore)

Author:Kyoto University, Japan

Book on:India’s economic growth

Author:Tokyo University, Japan

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Book editing

Book editing requires an in-depth understanding of the book’s concept and author’s thoughts and convictions, expertise in the domain of the book’s subject matter, high linguistic skills, and prior experience in book editing. Another important aspect is retention of the author’s writing style and expression and portrayal of the concept.

The process of book editing is multilayered, requiring constant interactions between the author and the editing team to ensure the book’s uniqueness as well as originality. We at Crimson Japan understand the intricacies involved in book editing. Depending on the client requirements, we form a dedicated team of multiple editors for ensuring zero error and high-quality work.

Back translation

At Crimson Japan, we have the expertise to handle the extremely complex process of back translation. Back translation refers to the translation of already translated text into the original language, without referring to the original text, and aims at achieving conceptual equivalence.

We offer two different service levels: Single Back Translation and Double Back Translation. In both the services, we provide a back translation certificate stating that only the translated English file has been used for back translation.

  • Single Back Translation:
    Single Back Translation offers a watertight checking process and provides the ultimate check for any translated text. The deliverables include the back translated file, edited version of the translated file, comparison report, and back translation certificate.
  • Double Back Translation:
    Double Back Translation is our highly specialized service best suited for clients requiring an extremely high level of precision. Through this service, we provide the forward translation of the original file, back Translated file, comparison report, and back translation certificate.

Website translation

Website translation is a very complex process. Effective website translation plays a pivotal role in helping organizations’ to establish themselves in local markets. At Crimson Japan, we have the expertise to help you in the localization of your website in accordance with the target market requirements and cultural sensitivities. We understand that your website is a key selling tool and a branding medium; therefore, we ensure that your brand uniqueness is clearly felt across the website. Search engine optimization techniques are used and the local web conventions are followed while translating the websites. Our team consists of linguists, subject matter experts, marketing specialists, and technical experts to provide you with the best possible service.