Transcription Service

market research Transcription, interview Transcription, media Transcription, sermon Transcription

At Crimson Japan, we offer Transcription Services. We transcribe interviews, speeches, seminars, symposiums, round table conferences, and international conferences. We offer business, legal, academic, medical, market research, interview, media, sermon, podcast, insurance, and multilingual transcription services.

Because transcription forms a key part of the process of data analysis, preservation, and key information archival, we offer several service combinations.

Key USPs of Our Transcription Service

At each stage of transcription, we have stringent quality checks and our unique 3-tiered process, resulting in an accuracy of 99%. All the transcripts undergo a check with quality analysis.

Human expertise is the key factor determining the transcription quality; therefore, we have formed our team only after careful consideration of all our transcriptionists’ industry knowledge and work expertise. Our team comprises native English transcriptionists from the US, UK, and Australia who have the competence to understand all region-specific accents and dialects. Our team has an average experience of 8.8 years in the field of transcription.