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Every business has its own specific requirements, and our services are well equipped to handle them. Our team comprises experts from different industries, and they have the capability to understand all nuances of their respective domains. We offer our clients a dedicated manager, special pricing, local language customer support (English/Japanese/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Portuguese), and customizable automated project management support.

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life science translationLife Sciences
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engineering translationEngineering
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information technology translationIT
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Law translation, Legal translationLaw
Government translationGovernment


The team at Crimson Japan known for its expertise in technical and scientific documentation for the pharmaceutical industry can help clients in preparing submission material for ethics committee and regulatory bodies, documentation of clinical trials, promotional materials, press release, research documents, and more. All this is done while retaining the exact medical, scientific, and technological terminologies in the communication.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences include several diverse disciplines, and this research has direct implications on pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agricultural industries. In this domain, our experts can help clients in preparing documents for journal publication, procedures, and policy documentation for corporate/public communication and in developing research finding presentations for international conferences and meetings.

Automobile Industry

Many technological innovations such as "green cars," completely electric motorcycles, and others mark the evolution of the automobile industry into a center of technology and innovation. Our team of experts serving clients in the automotive industry boasts of good industry understanding and strong scientific knowledge of other related domains, including electrical engineering, chemical engineering, environmental sciences, and legal documentation. We help you in the development of high-quality localized specifications documentations, manuals, packaging materials, marketing, and R&D resources.

Banking and Finance

The banking and finance industry has many stakeholders, including investors, creditors, depositors, central banks, financial regulators, governments, consumer watchdogs, academics, and the media, among others. Our services help you in effective relationship development with all your stakeholders in all possible domains such as public finance, corporate lending, consumer credit, insurance, personal retirement planning, insurance, equity research, hedge funds, subprime lending, and a lot more. Our team of expert translators and editors is well versed with the specific demands and legal restrictions. We help firms in developing different country-specific documentations, including marketing materials, legal contracts and documents, academic literature, and reports for stakeholders.


Engineering is a science that forms the core of most innovations happening across domains worldwide. Engineering encompasses several diverse things from high-end computer hardware and software to high-tech machinery being used across industries. This industry is truly global in nature as it requires data collection as well as information, knowledge, and technology sharing across the world. Availability of relevant research publications along with clear and accurate documentation as well as manuals in local languages is very important for any engineering-based business to grow across different regions of the world. Our expert linguists and industry experts ensure seamless communication with your clients and employees.


Our services include news translation, dubbing of programs on television, subtitling of movies, development of brochures specific for different markets, localized advertisement, development of website content in different regional languages, and translation of interviews and conference proceedings. While working, we consider all possible linguistic aspects intermingling with images, graphics, audio, as well as other non-linguistic, extra-linguistic, and paralinguistic aspects. We are experts in handling culture-specific as well as interdisciplinary content embedded in multimedia format.

Advertising and Marketing

Our team consisting of professional translators, localizers, and editors utilizes its expertise in several regional languages and cultures along with experience in the field of marketing to develop the best possible communication for your clients. We work on websites, advertising copies, multimedia presentations, signage, packaging material, white papers, press releases, and a lot more.

Information Technology

Information technology has become a ubiquitous component of our life today. IT companies now have clients across the globe benefiting from high-end IT products and services; web and other applications; database management; devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops; and a lot more. We help you in the development of localized IT and software development tools, end user manuals, API documentation for developers, adaptation of smartphone apps and other apps for foreign markets, internal documentation for employees in different regions, legal documentation, and much more. Our team has the technical expertise to understand the product along with its functions in detail and has high linguistic abilities.


We offer a wide range of services to retailers planning to expand to different geographies. We offer the required understanding of the target countries’ language, culture, and customs for effective communication with your local staff and customers. We can help you with the product description documents, marketing materials, corporate messaging and branding material, employee training materials, privacy policy documentation, legal documentation, and others.


In this era of globalization, the clientele represented by law firms has become extremely diverse. In law, interpretation of every single word is important as it may alter the outcomes of any legal case/issue. The understanding of the government entity being dealt with, document structure, terminology used, and legal concepts involved is important while creating legal documentation. We offer services for the development and translation of all types of legal documents, including birth certificates, marriage licenses, degrees, contracts, petitions, and a lot more.


At Crimson Japan, our expertise in translation services in multiple language pairs and experience in over 1000+ subject areas enables us to offer several language-related services for government communication. We help governments in communicating with other countries' governments, organizations, and businesses as well as with people from different regions within their own country. We fulfill the twin paradigm of retaining information accuracy and confidentiality and are an ideal choice for ensuring appropriate communication flow with the government.